The Charmant Group was established in 1956 as a manufacturer of optical parts and later transformed itself into a global manufacturer of high quality eyewear products.

Over the years, our greatest achievement remains with the users who are impressed by the wearing comfort of our products. Great measures are taken to ensure our products are produced with the highest standards and the highest quality through various testing procedures. It is through this advanced technical evaluation that we determine if our product development and design has in fact achieved a truly comfortable fit and wear for our customers.

The year 2010 marked for us the exciting worldwide debut of Line Art CHARMANT, an eyewear collection which provides a never experienced wearing comfort.

It is a harmonious fusion of Japan's highest technology and an ergonomic and aesthetic design. EXCELLENCE TITAN, the ultimate material created for eyewear was combined with our newly developed precision laser welding technique. The Line Art brand will be further developed to create new and exciting eyewear to satisfy the needs of our customers.

The Charmant Group continuously challenges itself to further develop new materials and technology for our customer's satisfaction.


Brands of Charmant in Sin Kwang